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Padra Serum is focused on plasma derived medicine, specially medicines which are used when SECONDs MATTERS. Different production lines are available in Padra Serum for animal and human plasma fractionation.


Padra Serum has a farm in Khosro Abad village near Sepehr Industrial Area. Our farm includes different department like: stables, insectarium, serpentarium, potency and pyrogen lab, bleeding stations.


All stables are designed with automatic water system and also ventilation system to perform good condition for horses. Each stable has the capacity of 30 stalls. Horses are visited by a vicenarian every week and horse care are done by the veterinary technicians; these activities are assured by supervision of Iranian Veterinary Organization.


Bleeding procedure takes place in our special lab for bleeding and plasma separation, this lab is divided in 2 areas, the 1st one is a special space with 7 stations for jugular vein puncture and the 2nd place is designed to blood collection and plasma separation. All procedures for blood collection and plasma separation will be done under aseptic conditions to minimize the contamination.

Insectarium- Serpentarium

To produce venom, we collect medically important scorpions all around the country and keep them in our insectarium. This insectarium has the capacity of housing more than 50,000 scorpions of different Species. According to environmental concerns we follow capture, milking and release method for snakes under supervision of Iran Department of Environment and our serpantarium is used only for research and development purposes.


Padra Serum has the 1st cGMP compatible plasma refinery facility in our region. Different steps of these procedure will be done in stainless steel vessels and closed line. To ensure that the final product doesn’t have any viral contaminations 3 different methods are used; Two method for viral inactivation by pH alteration and one viral filteration which reduce 15 virus log content of plasma.

About Us

Hamid sharafolziad

Hamid is Chief Production Officer of Padra Serum. He studied biotechnology at University of Salford. Hamid has experience since 2013 in biopharma industry.

Mohammadreza Shahidi

Mohammadreza is Chief Operation Officer of Padra Serum. He studied in Tehran University of Medical Sciences and experienced different part of pharma industry since 2014.

Amin Ghobadi

Amin is CEO of Padra Serum. He Studied pharmacy in Tehran University of Medical Sciences and MBA in University of Tehran . He has experience in biopharma since 2014.

Abolfazl Akbari

Dr. Akbari studied veterinary medicine in University of Tehran. He has more than 40 years experience in serum production,

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No.55, Pajoohandeh St., Jannatabad, Tehran, IRAN
+98 2144418632

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Research & Production Center

West Bahman Street, Karrafaranan Boulevard, Sepehr Industrial City, Nazar Abad City , Alborz Province , IRAN
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