Our main goal in Padra Serum Alborz Company is to maintain and improve the health of patients and to continuously provide high quality and safe products (with minimal side effects) and effective which complies with or exceeds GMP requirements.

We are committed to ensuring that all processes in the organization comply with all applicable pharmacy rules and standards and also, all our records, documents and data are managed in accordance with the user laws related to this industry.

We are constantly reviewing our various processes in terms of efficacy, adaptation to the changing global environment and we are strictly committed to implementing the quality management system and are committed to continuous improvement.

Our continuous effort is to achieve customer satisfaction by offering products that are in accordance with various quality parameters and be delivered to the customer on time. We are committed to the sustainable supply of our country’s pharmaceutical market and we are committed to anticipating customer expectations and providing the necessary data and technical information and providing it to the customer when needed to seek to further improve the customer.

In order to carry out the activities of the organization in accordance with all regulations and legal requirements, we continuously review our various operations in terms of efficiency and their relationship with changing national and international conditions and issues related to the environment.

Considering that personnel are among the most valuable assets of the organization, in order to further enhance the knowledge related to the activities of the organization, we try to cultivate team spirit by providing the necessary training in a regular manner in the training calendar for our employees and also, get acquainted with the latest innovations and developments in the global pharmaceutical industry.

For this reason, we always keep the program of production and supply of the country’s pharmaceutical needs up to date

This policy is constantly reviewed and revised.

Dr. Mohammadreza Shahidi