Introduction: Padra Serum Alborz Company has a plasma refinery with an area of 385 square meters in Sepehr industrial town of Nazarabad city. This refinery has a purification capacity of 10,000 liters of plasma per year and can produce a variety of plasma-derived products and therapeutic serums under GMP conditions. The equipment used in this site, unlike the methods available in the country, is completely sterile and is designed in a closed environment, which guarantees the sterility of the final product. Padra Serum has procured all the equipment of this production refinery from native sources and has insured the country against possible sanctions by localizing the production technology of antidote. The company also has a farm for keeping horses with a capacity of tens of horses, which is located in Nazarabad city.

The production department of Padra Serum consists of two units:

  1. Upstream processes: In this stage, the production of hyperimmune plasma is carried out and includes the following steps.
  • Preparing horses and controlling their health
  • Preparation of snake and scorpion venom
  • Lyophilization of poisons and preparation of dry poison
  • Performing control tests on poisons including: toxicity determination, protein determination, SDS-PAGE test and HPLC test
  • Stock antigen preparation
  • Preparation of injected antigen
  • Antigen injection to horses
  • Blood sampling
  • Conducting control tests on plasma, including: measuring protein, sterility, evaluating the neutralizing power of plasma.
  1. Downstream processes: In this stage, plasma purification is done and includes the following steps.
  • pH adjustment
  • Digestion
  • Sedimentation
  • Microbial and viral filtration
  • Filling process