SnaFab 5

Antivenom containing equine immunoglobulin fragment F(ab’)2, derived from the plasma of healthy equines, hyper immunized with snake venom, SnaFab® is indicated for neutralizing the venom caused by snake species below:


scientific name Common name
Macrovipera lebetina Gorzeh (Blunt-nosed) viper
Montivipera raddei Zanjani viper
Echis carinatus Jafari viper
Pseudocerastes persicus Persian horned viper
Gloydius halys caucasicus Caucasian pitviper


Each ml of sterile SnaFab solution can neutralize more than 50 LD50s from each species of snakes venom mentioned above. (based on lethality on mice in 24 hours)

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