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SnaFab Vial (Pentavalent, Equine, Antisnake Venom Serum) - اسنافب پنج ظرفیتی و اسبی - پادزهر مار - پادرا سرم البرز - Padra Serum Alborz

SnaFab 5 ®

Antisnake Venom Serum (Equine, Pentavalent)

SnaFab Vial (Hexavalent, Equine, Antisnake Venom Serum) - اسنافب شش ظرفیتی و اسبی - پادزهر مار - پادرا سرم البرز - Padra Serum Alborz

SnaFab 6 ®

Antisnake Venom Serum (Equine, Hexavalent)

Our Pipeline & Portfolio
ScoFab Vial (Equine, Hexavalent, Antiscorpion Venom Serum) - اسکوفب شش ظرفیتی و اسبی - پادزهر عقرب - پادرا سرم البرز - Padra Serum Alborz

ScoFab ®

Antiscorpion Venom Serum (Equine, Hexavalent)

B2B Services

Refinery Plant’s Facilities 

Being Capable of Scaling up & Produce Antivenoms

Nitrogen tanks can be utilized to transport snake & scorpion venoms from across the globe & cold chain protocols are followed to export antivenoms produced on a large scale by Padra Serum’s team.

Serpentarium & Laboratory Facilities

Preparing & Transferring Venoms for Research Purposes

Nitrogen tanks can be used to transfer the venoms of various snake & scorpion species to research institutes & poison control centers with the aim of carrying out therapeutic & medical research.

Laboratory Facilities

Conducting Venoms & Antivenom’s Quality Control Tests

Venom quality control tests which are conducted by Padra Serum’s team, include assessments of protein content, toxicity levels, and the absence of contaminants.

Laboratory Facilities

Performing Rabbit Pyrogen Tests & Other QC Tests

The latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia & PIC/S requirements are adhered to by Padra Serum in regards to rabbit pyrogen testing which is considered as one of the most standard pyrogen testing services.

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B2B Projects

Padra Serum’s Assets

The utilization of advanced refinery plant equipment and technical knowledge in Padra Seram has resulted in a 50% reduction in mortality rates attributed to poisonous animal bites in Iran. Additionally, it has mitigated the risk of transmission of endemic and emerging infectious diseases from  other nations to Iranian consumers. For further details, reach out to us regarding Iran’s first hyperimmune plasma-derived medicines producer.

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Padra Serum’s products have been registered in therapeutic vaccines and serums list of the World Health Organization (WHO). Padra Serum becomes the first private company in the Iran’s pharmaceutical industry in the furtherance of this achievement.
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Professor Choudhary, who won the Mustafa Prize in 2021, visited PersisGen Par Accelerator where demonstrates how Padra Serum came up trumps in less than 3 years.
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The Health Ministry’s officials, Barkat Pharmaceutical Holding  and the Food and Drug Committee of the Islamic Council paid to visit Padra Serum’s Pavilion which is considered to be the first plasma refinery in Iran.
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Manufacturing Company (Refinery Plant) Address: 
No. 110, Bahman St, Karafarinan Blvd., Sepehr Industrial Area, NazarAbad, Alborz
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No. 201, 2nd Floor, Biotechnology Development Center building, National Research Institute of Genetic Engineering, Pajouhesh Blvd., Hamdani [Hakim] HWY, Tehran